Exhibition: Australia’s wild landscapes on display

An exhibition at the Monash Gallery of Art traces the career of Wes Stacey, one of Australia's most significant photographers.

The exhibition, titled The Wild Thing, looks at Stacey's broad body of work, including his famed photos of the Australian bush.

Burning forest remnant on the Monaro 1981.  <cite>Photo: Wes Stacey</cite>
Burning forest remnant on the Monaro 1981. Photo: Wes Stacey

"Wes Stacey bursts through the cliches of landscape photography," Stephen Zagala, MGA's senior curator, said. "He doesn't give us picturesque scenes … Instead he invests the landscape with a sense of movement, which draws the viewer out into the ecological forces of the environment."

Stacey spent his early years as a graphic designer and photographer for the ABC and BBC in the 1960s before becoming an established photographer and founder of the Australian Centre of Photography in the 1970s.

The Wild Thing is now on show at the MGA until April 30.