Glenn Sloggett’s Down in the Dumps now showing at Sydney’s Stills Gallery

Photographer Glenn Sloggett's latest series Down in the Dumps looks at the banal detritus of modern living.

"Glenn's large scale photographs of the broken and banal find beauty, humour and hope where others mightn't. This is our fifth solo exhibition of Glenn Sloggett's work. The first was in 2002, with an exhibition called Abandon," Bronwyn Rennex, curator at Stills Gallery said.

Whale from Down in the Dumps. <cite>Photo: Glenn Sloggett</cite>
Whale from Down in the Dumps. Photo: Glenn Sloggett

Sloggett uses an old square format twin lens reflex camera, documenting his work on film. Down in the Dumps focuses on isolated scenes from urban environments, and champions the "un-celebrated", according to Rennex.

"Glenn has been so singular and focused with his work over that time that it's almost as if it has been one long series, exhibited over 15 years. It's lovely to be able to celebrate this work that champions the un-celebrated," Rennex said.

Glenn Sloggett's images champion the 'un-celebrated'. <cite>Photo: Glenn Sloggett</cite>
Glenn Sloggett's images champion the 'un-celebrated'. Photo: Glenn Sloggett

Down in the Dumps is now on show at Stills Gallery, Sydney, until 8 April.