Learn, shoot and share: Fairfax launches photo contests for students

Good photography is about passion – but any professional photographer will tell you it's the skills you pick up along the way that count.

Fairfax Media, in partnership with Nikon, has launched an exciting new program to cater for student photographers who want to hone their skills.

<cite>Photo: Peter Rae/Fairfax Media</cite>
Photo: Peter Rae/Fairfax Media

Run by the photography departments of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, Student Clique's objective is to help new generations of budding photographers learn, shoot and share.

Student Clique will get members to share their work with the Fairfax community, including workshop opportunities with our award-winning photographers – some of the world's best in their field.

Members will gain invaluable advice and feedback through Student Clique's bi-monthly photo contests which will be held throughout the year – including a Student Clique Photographer of the Year award.

"Clique has given me a creative outlet and stimulated my artistic flair," photographer and Clique member Emma McPherson said. "Membership of Clique has given me a wealth of contacts, shot practice, and understanding."

"I am beginning to think about the importance of storytelling with an image, and considering my pitch as if it was to be presented to the picture editor and his team for publication," McPherson, who has just completed an advanced diploma in Visual Arts with a photography major, said.

Student Clique is free to join but you must be a secondary or tertiary student to be eligible.

To enter the current bi-monthly photo contest, visit: cliquephotos.com.au/student-clique/monthly-contest.